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Ergo Education:
logical thinking is for everyone

The instruction at Ergo Education enables high-school pupils to discover the logic underlying Mathematics. Soon they find out that Mathematics is not difficult at all. Thanks to our innovative teaching technique, your child no longer needs to study formulas and mnemonics. By learning how to think mathematically, memorization and fear of blackouts during tests will be a thing of the past for your child! At Ergo Education, students learn how to derive formulas from mathematical problems themselves (at all times, however ‘difficult’ the problem seems). And that is a useful skill for the rest of their lives. Would you like to know more about what your child can achieve at Ergo Education? Read more about it on this page or get in touch.


Ergo Education

Personal approach within small groups

Every person is unique, also in how each person absorbs knowledge. But… the fact that everyone is different does not mean that we can’t learn from each other’s way of learning. Therefore, Ergo Education teaches in small groups of a maximum of six students. This way we can provide sufficient attention to each individual and, at the same time, enable our students to collaborate with each other and gain additional insights.

During the lessons, the teacher asks the students the necessary questions. In the process of thinking about how to answer these questions, students discover ways (yes, there are more than one) of deriving formulas to solve the Maths problems. The solution is never spoon-fed to them, but the teacher “merely” guides them in the process of how to think. With these new insights, students can solve problems effortlessly on their own level and even higher!

Our students’ results show this: One of the students went from a 1 to a 7, another from a 2 to an 8.3, and yet another from a 3.5 to a 9.2!

Through Ergo Education’s teaching techniques your child discovers his/her own ability to think mathematically and logically. And that always turns out to be so much greater than they thought possible. Contact Ergo Education for more information.

dr. Dhruv Janssen-Sanghavi

Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am)

Hello! I am Dr. Dhruv Janssen-Sanghavi, founder of Ergo Education. For more than 12 years I taught Law at various universities including Maastricht University, Leiden University, Heidelberg University, University of Lausanne, Northwestern University and New York University. During my lectures, I noticed that many of my Master’s students (despite their advanced levels at university) still had trouble thinking logically. That was a problem that needed solving, and I developed my teaching method as a result.

Personally, the ability to find solutions on my own without being given rules or formulas is something my mother taught me at a very young age. It has enriched my life tremendously and it’s a gift I wish for everyone. Because I am convinced that it is best to teach this skill to a child at an early age, I decided to stop teaching at university and focus on math classes for high school students. Mathematics is, after all, the pre-eminent subject for learning to think logically. For me there is no greater pleasure than seeing my students discover genuine pleasure in math and how their results improve every time we meet.

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Dhruv Janssen Ergo Education

Innovative tutoring method

At Ergo Education, we do not believe in just memorizing formulas and mnemonics. In the short term, for example just before a test, this may seem effective. But in the long term it turns out that the information does not stick. My teaching technique is based on “simply” asking the right questions, to guide my students’ discovery the solutions. And once they know how it’s done, they’ll never forget it! Contact us for more information about Ergo Education’s tutoring.

Knowledge vs. information: our philosophy

The philosophy of Ergo Education is based on breaking the barrier between the dissemination of information on the one hand and the discovery of knowledge on the other. This is what I mean by that: every day each person receives an incredible amount of information. However, this is untested information, so there is a very high chance that it is misinformation. Only when information is tested for its veracity and put into context does it turn into knowledge.

Knowledge answers “how?” questions. To achieve this, a seeker of knowledge must think critically and independently to answer these questions. It is a process of inquiry and discovery in which the seeker tests ideas to discover not only the subject but also the logic behind it.

wiskunde bijles leiden

Good education accessible to / made possible for everyone

It is our wish for every child is for them to be able to discover the pleasure of mathematical, logical insight and the stress reduction that results from it during the school year. However, we understand that not all parents have the financial means to provide their children with this extra tutoring. That is why we am looking for sponsors who, by means of a donation, want to give other children a chance to take tutoring lessons at Ergo Education. Would you like to contribute to this? We look forward to hearing from you!